The child came in asking me to follow his lead, get up, take a stance and ready position. Step back, Rex.  What?

Rex is right.  Linda is left he explained.

Hold the phone.  Why not just say right and left? Why Rex and Linda?

He didn’t know.  The coaches scream directives so they do what they’re told and no one asks questions.  Argh!

High school sports.  Professional sports.  Sports.  All. Rigged. ?

I think back on his Lego Engineering days, led there through his love of Legos and led away through shyness and lack of self-confidence.

I take my elbows off of my knees and listen to him talk excitedly about being a linebacker.  I smile and laugh at his excitement, externally.  I cry at this big boy with sideburns, taller than me, with growing self-confidence, internally.

Growing a little and letting go a little, each day, both of us…