• Girl 1:      Who dat man?
  • Girl 2:      He da luv man.  He gimme luv.  Lotta luv.
  • Girl 1:      Wat u mean he give u lotta luv?
  • Girl 2:      Mean I seent him, gave ’em da eye. I ain’t trus him, but I still gave ’em da eye.  He ain’t trus me either but he still luv me.  I got luv now.
  • Girl 3:      Chile, you had luv ‘for tha fool came along.

illusion + illusion = de’lusion tb


  1. We cannot receive what we do not have.
  2. Love exists within and without.
  3. Outside of ourselves, we are never separate from others
  4. Inside of ourselves, others are never separate from us
  5. A successful divorce can be defined as when two people bring their false selves to a marriage and then exit as authentic be-ings.