Sometimes in life you will come upon a synchronicity too coincidental to be remanded into the abyss called chance.

A fellow blogger published several posts recently that felt quite synchronistic to me.  We’ve all felt it.  You read a piece and think to yourself, it resonates and I am not as alone as I feel.  You are renewed in your sense of connection, to all things.

You begin to see that your sorrows are everyone’s sorrows.  Your struggles are everyone’s struggles. Your joys are everyone’s joys.  Your wishes are everyone’s wishes.

What am I grateful for?

Learning to call upon my intuition for discernment whenever there is anything in life that is presented to me on the platter of coincidence.  Our intuition is our compass and if followed, will never steer us wrong.

Meeting a soul in this life that has caught me off guard, bringing color to sepia dreams once dormant in waking life, arousing inspiration in ways that cannot be justified in word alone, causing me to stumble, lose my very breath, lose sleep and question my very life’s purpose.  A soul presenting a love so unknown yet recognizable in spirit that it must have been established before meeting in this world with a promise to reunite.  A love for which anyone might submit their life to know more deeply, to find freedom.

“Words are things… They get on the walls.  They get in your wallpaper.  They get in your rugs, in your upholstery, and your clothes, and finally, into you.”

~ Maya Angelou