on whispering and space travel (asmr)

Like many others, I’ve ended up in some cavernous YouTube locations via odd algorithm recommendations or results.  Sleep has eluded me for years so one day in searching for solutions I ended up getting a hit on ASMR.

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.  My simple explanation is that it’s the tingly feeling you get when you see, hear or are touched in a way that gives you goosebumps.  Everyone has different ‘triggers’ that might elicit this response.

I found listening to whispering relaxing.  One of the most original and popularized ASMR artist’s is Maria.  She can be found at Gentle Whispering.  I found I could easily fall asleep to the sound of her voice.

On another YouTube channel, ASMRrequests, I was able to fulfill my lifelong dream of going to space.  It was a ‘Total Recall’ experience.

After a while I started looking into other ASMR artists and videos. From the time I first learned about this art to now, the viewing options have expanded widely from ‘normal’ to highly disturbing, including a myriad of strange fetishes in between.

Watching them felt like watching porn in that having someone walk in on you while you watch someone whispering and moving feathers across the screen, welcoming you the space station, massaging or providing haircuts to invisible people, is difficult to explain. After all, ASMR has also been called ‘ear orgasms’.

I no longer tune into the videos because after a time I found myself ‘watching’ them for entertainment and ‘losing time’ versus falling asleep to them.

What am I grateful for?

  • The wide availability and reach of ASMR videos as a tool to promote relaxation in others.
  • The brains response and susceptibility to suggestion when purposely directed towards a specific goal.
  • Those who entered this strange universe for the purpose of helping others relax or sleep and are doing it so well they’re earning a living from their ‘art’.

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