on shortcuts and regret

Never fails that when I’m in a long line at the grocery store and choose to escape it for a shorter one a few lanes over, the long line I was originally in, always ends up moving along faster.  I try to remind myself of that when I go and sometimes in my rush to get from one place to another, I ignore my own advice and fall prey to the shortcut.  I think this happens to everyone.

I can think of several times in life, especially now, where I look back on my experiences in increments of years and ask myself, where was the shortcut, why didn’t I see it and had I seen it, would life be different had I taken it?

I close my eyes and watch the powerful owl named Regret perched upon my shoulders tempting me with the envisioning of freedom. She has arrived by shortcut, the long path obstructed by the jewels of wisdom I’ve stumbled upon, fallen over and become temporarily immobile to along my journey. She is a vulnerable one, not doing well in heavily developed areas.  Her wings are weighted with sorrow and I work to release her talons from my mind to rebuke her messages.

The measurement of time is an illusion by which man’s calculations and interpretations are meaningless.  This journey demands breaks, falls, scrapes and bruises. Had I seen and attempted life’s shortcuts, I would likely be awakened by the reality of finding that freedom is found in the longer path.

Years and seconds run together as one and Regret is but a beautifully crafted seduction to have me believe otherwise…

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