on goodbye

This blog is my emotional and spiritual work required to for me to move forward from a place of attachment and pause.

Some of these entries are old but are only being posted now.  I am bringing forth what was or what is within me in order to examine it more closely.  Some it will be difficult to write and some of it will be difficult to read.

My goal is to find the lesson and gratitude with each experience. This method means I will be editing posts retroactively, until I feel I have gleaned all I can from the experience.

We never learn from a single experience all we need to learn in ‘real time’.  We must reflect later, from a different vantage point, in order to see what we could not see in the moment.

Many of these experiences I have already said goodbye to years ago, but, I was not always grateful for them. The fact that my life is on pause indicates to me a need for exhumation and reexamination.

So, I’ve knocked on the door, pulled up a chair and a cup of coffee to revisit my psyche and her various stages.

If I have linked a song at the end of a post, this indicates I have said goodbye and released that experience in complete gratitude.

It is said that when someone walks away from you in life, you should let them walk.  It means they were not meant to be in your life. It means they are not to be part of your destiny.

So it is with life’s episodes.

Look your soul experiences in the face.  They are not your destiny.

Learn what you can.  Keep only that which serves your purpose, discard the rest and walk away.

Live free.


    1. I’m going oldest to newest, is that what you would recommend? From my first reading I automatically felt I need to read your story. I’m going to have to unfollow some folks, I can’t keep up!

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