on transference of perception

It was early and i had my coffee in hand sitting on the back patio, listening to the birds, quieting my mind before starting the day.

Along came a husband and wife team of mallard ducks, gliding gracefully atop the calm waters of the pool.  My kids dubbed them the Quackmiers several weeks earlier and they’d made our pool their resting place every morning.

I wondered if they had a paradigm shift of sorts that led them from the golf course ponds several yards away, to this heavily chlorinated water. It’s a common thing really, ducks in pools, because water is water, isn’t it?

It is interesting when we get upset at the nature of living things, be it animals or humans. Survival is ingrained and experience with transference of perception, of truth, is what determines our quality of living.  We are all meant to be great in our own ways but we must believe we have great minds and that we can do great things.

A leader must move forward in uncertainty, in risk.  The risk for a leader is often expressed as failure. Failure suggests loss and unmet expectations.  That can only transpire through investment. Investment in all realms involves energy.  What was invested that cannot be ‘re-invested’?

If we seek to lead in the way that we would love, expecting nothing in return and leading for the sake of the mission, then our investment, our energy, cannot be deduced in terms so small as failure.

Rather, what we choose to align our energy with will yield to us the result of its fruit. An apple tree will never yield a watermelon, no matter how much we tend to it. What spiritual fruits are you aligned with?

If we seek first the survival of our soul through use of our gifts, we can align correctly with energies that would be in concert with our purpose.  When we are in the performance of purpose, ah, that’s the sweet spot.  It is like love. When we are in our nature, all grows and all bears fruit.

Let us be like the Quackmiers and jump into a pool of thought.  Lead with an ocean of experience that is within our soul…

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