on hand holding 101


you will examine hand holding as a tool of emotional, physical and spiritual communication.


course instruction will be held in person and includes both lecture and shared experiences. all assignments will be completed in class with a partner. no prior experience is needed. everyone has equal capacity for impact.

course objectives:

  1. to build a sensory homunculus, hand focused (required: clay, acrylic paints, 12 in. unisex manikin)
  2. to examine bioenergetics as an alternative and traditional approach to medicine
  3. to explore developing a connection with another using hands only

course topics:

  1. safety
  2. acceptance
  3. comfort
  4. letting go
  5. passion
  6. love

required traits/characteristics:

  1. compassion
  2. focus

grading plan:

  • attendance. show up.
  • yoda wisdom. do or do not. there is no try.


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