on a fathers advice on depression

In many aboriginal peoples the Shaman is discovered by virtue of the fact that he (or she) examples an ability to perceive that which is not perceived by others.  This does not mean those things perceived are not plainly there for all to see it simply means all do not… but some do!  In our culture this Shaman would be likened to a schizophrenic because he hears or sees that which other do not (and hence their science tells us he is hallucinating – thus a nut).

Typically, in the various tribes of the world, Shamanism is pretty near a family business, that is, it is not uncommon for the development of the peculiar characteristics to manifest within a specific bloodline.

They (aunts and uncles from my childhood) have been overheard alluding to the mental fragility of my grandmother (father’s mother); my grandfather was said to be the spiritual strength of the road show that was Daddy Grace (worthy of your investigating the phenomena); several of my aunts, grand-aunts and such were spiritual (in times past preaching and pasturing was strictly a male business) women who possessed abilities.

The trail back down the family track reveals a plethora of main and not so main street association with religion.

Since I have managed to grow beyond the hub-bub of religion and see the reality unfolding before my eyes the instances of depression, confusion and the, “that just don’t make no sense,” impressions all around have subsided considerably.

If I may be so bold as to suggest, I would suggest that one release themselves to the insight and act (and at times re-act) accordingly always being ever cautious to not allow the monster to react on our behalf.  That is to say one ought to understand that the internal creature, that can easily do that which we would not, is more likely than not a result of the complexity of Truth brightening within our reality in contradiction to the shade of the color glasses with which we have learned to view the world.

So have I thoroughly muddied up the way?  I hope not.

We are a complicated mutation of what man is meant to be… I firmly believe we are closer to that ideal than we can imagine and that the spiritual realities of Deity as those realities relates to us (both individually and as a family) keeps us ever on the edge of what is thought to be reality to the rest of folks.

Let not these things trouble you for in all truth you are loved above many and the Creator of All knows your heart and intimately your Soul the strangeness we experience is the necessary flames required.

Remember… there is no need to keep the gold in the furnace once all of the dross has fallen away.

~ written by ASH ~

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