on endurance

on the psychic

on murder

on performance

on the apology

on acid

on purposelessness

on the clear

on the ten count

on the feels

on subterfuge

on 030491

on rex and linda

on two ills to de

on junk removal

on the birth of rain

on a violated body and inviolate spirit, part 2

on wankers

on the virgin and the martyr

on knowing

on soldiery and unlearning

on tourniquets

on memory pain

on the energy pat down

on good and pleasant

on severe rectal itching

on reasons for sleeping

on strangled pain

on freedom

on burying the coffin of hope

on the off chance

on blind presence

on 15,157 days

on fighting the call of the bottle

on hitching your wagon to a star

on love tassels

on protocol development

on dormant intuition

on the 2 x 4 to the head

on dead bodies along the highway

on being a scanner?

on loneliness deferred

on eating to fill empty

on apathy and changing directions

on a painted life

on a violated body and inviolate spirit, part 1

on the path to love

on penguins, snowflakes and calamities

on oxygen, white flags and exhaustion

on quirky psychologists

on carrier pigeons of sorrow

on cognition

on curtains and windows to the soul

on heavy hitting losses

on speaking and silence

on letting go and surrender

on motherhood and multilingualism

on muted emotional gradience

on divorce and a child’s heartbreak

on hunger and landscaping

on arriving full circle

on syntax and dissolution

on the hsp, the narcissist and the multifaceted self

on mothering

on loyalty and bridge-burning

on the alabaster box and grace

on changing seasons and dreams

on music, melissa and final breaths

on truth and mushrooms

on making do

on walking home, unafraid

on signs and synchronicities

on expectation, philanthropy and balance

on being an ocean

on the hangings

on things unseen

on hiding the heart attacks

on disassociation and distractions

on hoarding not hoarding

on reaching the bitch quota

on stimulus and response

on innocence, hope and safeway monopoly